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Always destined to shine

and shine she did

Perfect newborn, glorious toddler, awesome teenager, magnificent young woman

“Set for Life” as Clara’s peers and family so constantly extolled upon her

With an ever-growing fascination for seeking out the unknown

Clara loved and lived with a vengeance

Often overwhelmingly  so, for anyone caught in her ever brightening aura.

One flick of an eye changed everything……


Fast, very very fast

Hypnotic rush

Crisp white snow flying under her skis

green trees, black rocks, left behind with  no regard of beauty

red_berries_in_snow      Red in the snow !

Out of the corner of her eye, adrenaline wide

the illusive unknown growing with unapologetic fascination

Red in the snow ?

…. can not stop, too fast

Suddenly slow motion is watched from within

Cascading crunching ice,

sweeping blue sky tumbling, weighing down, belligerent

Life trying to claim hers for it’s own,

jealous of the zest, the carefree abandonment


Freezing !  Bewildering silence, blinking , very very bright

Finally thankful to hear the melody of words

“We have you, rest now Clara…

we need you Clara”

Soaring, sighing with warm enlightenment, calm knowing

always destined to shine

blood-on-snow_2700618     red in the snow …………








Flight thoughts

Backs Of Heads
peeping above the seats

Thin greasy comb over, was grey now black
Bald spot short and greying
A high tuft tied up on top, very casual and comfy
Blowave fluffy, can see straight through

Advanced balding, white cloudy surround
Trendy redhead short sides curly top, one escaping corkscrew curl, thin sideburns
Full head of grey curling at the nape

Colourful knitted floppy Grandma special, with love
A tiny blond tuft, new soft pink skin
Short crisp black, immaculate
Silver bouffant ohh la la

Soft grey clipped dead straight left part, no nonsense
Black Trilby gently nodding back and forth, praying silently in the clouds
Strawberry blond of latter years

Scattered dyed blond, silver, black, unkempt
Silky ginger blond nice and shiny
Tight bun brown and smooth
Ponytail pulled back swinging, a few silver threads amongst the dark

Auburn dyed telltale grey part
Soft dark wobbly ‘up do’ pinned with a jewel
White bakers hat, tassel at the aged neck

Never dull on a 3 hour flight if you think outside the norm…… next trip I will sit at the back and have a larger vista


Life ?

Life was always here and now
Suddenly sliding back to what was
When can the new begin

Heavy life
Boring life
Dependent life
Waves of weariness
Layers of lackluster
Where is the uplift of mind and soul

Will is ebbing ~ slowly sneaking past
tired with the daily waning of respect and effort
Sunshine ~ Once revered and basked in pleasure
Now seen only as a glint
a dream watched from deep within
Do I have the strength, the want, the need

What fails if I fail
Who dies if I die
Truth is ~ nothing and no one

Owed my life is not the way
Earned is hard and long
Self importance never succeeds
There is no ~ finally life delivers

Realisation !!! others Lives are not mine to live
under any circumstances
Only this life my life is under my control

Suck it up Princess let them get on by themselves

Rose on my kitchen sink


I picked you in the dead of night
From a forbidden place I raced
Your bloom a perfect bud
Thorns ~ blood soo red
My pain still remains
I should not have ripped you from your life
But such a perfume delight
Your ruby face has grown open and honest
Now you sit on my kitchen sink
Filling my senses with your musk
Forgiving me through your beauty

The Wedding

Excited cant sleep keep playing with my french nails
Sitting here with the cat
Thinking Miss 3 year old went to bed way too late
Hopefully her flower girl duties will be calm …. please sleep in a little
My beloved brother and sister in law are here cosy in the studio
Tired after a 3 hour flight (sorry 2 hours and 45 mins due to a furious tail wind)
Number one child just called, last time before he becomes
Husband to his adored one
Such  a handsome boy who will  make a devastating groom to his glorious bride
He is alone doin bits and pieces at his place and his Men will be arriving at 10.30 am tomorrow to get him ready… oh to be a fly on the wall for that.
3 Mustangs the cars for the day, will make glorious photos.
Darn these beautiful but impractical acrylic nails, nearly took my own eye out !!!!
I should be off to bed but still my mind is telling me remember this don’t forget to do that get up early go to the shops be home for the makeup lady leave on time
WOW and I am just Mother of the Groom with little responsibilities
Hope The Bride is chillin with her Maids at their Hotel, as she is a perfectionist and will have to be forced to relax
Her dress is out of this world and I know she has “diamonds” on her exquisite nails and sparkly to die for shoes
She will be worried bout their baby…. Danger the Dalmation ..who is being dogsat for the weekend
Number two child the tall, tattooed beautiful one (who should be practicing her ceremony reading) out with bf organising cars to and from for us, her 3 yo sitters (flower girl extraordinaire not attending the reception) and snacks,  dinner for same and I know not what else.
She will be flower girl chaperone resplendent in red to FG’s white both with flower halos.
As 3 year olds tend to be erratic give one a basket full of rose petals to scatter and well a chaperone is the answer. … hopefully.
Well … have to pop some washing in the dryer, try to tell myself I am tired, put some reminders in my phone and perhaps make a cuppa.
Yep will do, so goodnight you and me and all.

Fledgling Medium….


Sitting quietly meditating just for a short time, every day a few minutes keeping my Spirit Guides in touch
I should be I think to myself…..  Often
But always soo many others needs
Even though my will can be weak, Spirits come with evidence
If I want to succeed, as my mentor and teacher PLeads
Focus, find space a few minutes every day to keep my Spirit Guides strong, supportive, spectacular

It is time
The Fledgling Medium standing to receive Spirit
knowledge for someone who has come
to see
to believe
to be fulfilled
Looking out to many expectant faces who are
waiting for evidence
waiting for Spirit
waiting for messages
waiting for Me
Close my eyes for a moment
silently ask my guides to join me
gently walking to and fro
Spirit is with me ~

I feel an energy drawing close
A female on a mother, grandmother vibration…
Raising my gaze all eyes are glowing pleading
energy  growing ~
I would like to say I hear a letter ‘A’ for a name beginning
perhaps Amy or Allison in the Spirit world
Can anyone accept this ?….
Excited glances whispers and a hand waves ~
Yes my Mother’s name is Amy
Thankyou may I work with you? ….
nodding quickly ~
Yes !
Your Mother is telling me about milk
I feel hard work was common
I see green fields
Yes !  we had a dairy farm Mum milked everyday
Can you accept the name Deborah as this seems to be very important to your Mother….
Muted gasps tears are welling hands clasping ~
Yes! my daughter, her grand daughter, adored her
I feel a continual closeness with you She is asking about a bracelet
saying,  yesterday yesterday
Can you accept this ?….
I see delight in her face ~
Oh yes yes, my daughter and I shopped for a bracelet a few days ago
Fantastic thankyou this is evidence for you
your Mother from Spirit is around you and is aware
As her energy is drawing away your Mother is showing me her hand
to her ear and I can hear “call me”
Can you accept this ?….
still sobbing gently then laughter ~
Yes we spoke on the phone everyday
You can still speak to her everyday
your Mother will hear you. She is saying speak to her….
Bright and open face of this Daughter thanking me soo much
I sigh gather my awareness a huge smile comes over me ~
Thank you for working with me
May I leave the Love of Spirit with you ?
Yes you may.

‘Till Morning


Evening fell with warm whispers
Perfume blossoming his secret senses
Through minds wild wonder
He envisaged bountiful beauty

A smile but glanced his moistened mouth
In awe of potent perfection
Gasping mutely at this vibrant vision
Testing him with restive restraint

He challenged cautiously
Thick moss sunk slowly
He is with her rigid ravenous
Her eyes caress slowly silently

She leads with a tender touch
Holding him close her experience exquisite
They loved with agitated abandon
His first time blissfully bountiful

Lilac falling upon their sticky beaded bodies
Night encompasses their sensuous sounds
Soft calm washes over bringing perfect peace
Falling into sated sleep

‘Till morning brings more tender teachings