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Do I Have To Wait Too Long

August 29, 2013

My being is lost without you
Are my lifes surprises through
Deaths ashes sing your song
Do I have to wait too long

Collect me from my languish
As I drown in earths desire
You can not see my anguish
Your love is my pariah

Bliss is all we crave in life
Inside we fight but tire
Hearts wrought with strife
Love traps you in the mire

Crave selfless passion in awe
Be truthful ever strong
Teach your soul to soar
Do I have to wait too long

From → Hurt, Life, Love

  1. lost love- wounded hearts. I like the repeated lines on the 1st & last stanza lovely & really loved deaths ashes sing your song –woohoo way to go lovely đŸ™‚ xx

    • Mumsy I am happy with this one and thank you sweetness. Just a bit p’d off (for another reason lol) because just this past hour I wrote and re wrote a very special piece of some 200 words and lost it as I clicked save draft the site crashed or somesuch. Can not find it at all Not happy Jan ! So going to wtrite it out quickly and hope I remember it all. But then I have been in my office for some hours and probably am losing the plot đŸ™‚ Fun Fun xxx

  2. Your love is my pariah,,,nice cool rhyme scheme and rhythm through each of these…..and yes sometimes love will do that…smiles.

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