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September 7, 2013


Reaching up dust of ages searching  tippy toe hiding ~ curious the velvet wrapping lush and royal I clutch it to my chest precious belonging

sit cross-legged anticipation rising.

This moment has brought another time, passing memories flooding rife with delights, a child once more seeking forbidden treasure behind brocade and tassels hiding; excited; enthralled deep in fantasy,  yet fearing these curtains will give her up to be chided

Unveiling this beloved memory brings Her to me through precious possessions ~ beautiful artwork jarrah /brass fingers tingle over every detail marking the secrets of this time machine in my hands.  Touching cold metal the clasp slightly stiff ~ a quick click to let it go, the heavy lid, my eyes are washed with silken azure caressing exciting charges ~ a golden glint dashes on a delicate brooch

smiling memories of a green lapel pinned with pride.

Creamy pearls coil languishing  under French lace, lifted slowly admiration at this rope of perfection a memory of heaviness cool clinging around my neck onto my breast

I am… distracted ~ nestled in blossom satin safe for all this long… my childhood desire want ~ need the object of magic palaces , princes speed me away ever after love and riches… the Ring… calls me to release it once more to live extravagantly in the light of day.  I gaze into its depths with shards from stars as once they were still are, a beguiling ruby sitting on startling gold truly fitting of a princess,

almost overcome I place it on my finger,

now I have Mothers feelings  wearing precious, special, admired and beautiful given by the love of her life after 60 years as one

my breathing quickens … She is here

I feel Her with me ~ a feather caressing across my cheek a touch upon my hand once more , another time has passed no longer fantasy we are together protected behind heavy tasselled brocade feeling no fear of chiding excited enthralled supremely safe

love ever after with Our precious jewelry box

  1. ramblingsfromamum permalink

    a serene piece of writing, precious it is to have something of your mother’s which evoke so many beautiful and lasting memories of her. Lovely Max. xxx

  2. This was a really evocative description of a magical connection to your mother through her jewelry box. I enjoyed reading this very much.

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