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Nine Lives

September 28, 2013


Excited as a giggly girl train ride to Warr/Nam~Bool
long ago sounds shunting rocking click ~ clack
steel monster lives through furnaced heat
Now charging forward sleek, shiny diesel surged
passengers face to face

STrangers ignoring ~ talking ~ staring
young one shutting out interaction
snoozes mobile music ~ sunglasses fixed

ELderly one musing stories
spectacles pearls hair just so ~
hmmm Coco Chanel comes to mind

FLame haired  wide-eyed /germ phobic one, professional carer
avid cat lover ~ single status excited to see her mother

calm intriguing one a Vintner, provider of care, well-travelled land owner
eating SUshi on her lap, remembering her beloved waiting

one is Mother to renowned sporting sons travelling
many hours, tired polite
changing seats for window leaning alone.. NOT for long

this one mature fills the seat and more MAssive,
down on his luck
dishevelled orating on life’s peculiarities and his MUms roast lamb
agreeing to a shout of cuppa and biscuits
many subjects ~ children ~ pets ~ livelyhoods ~ sports ~ Notebooks ~ iPhones ~ FB ~ gastronomic delights ~ volcanoes ~ farming ~ phone pics … endless interests

they six strangers of now
we three friends of eons
Nine lives interacting through fate for a few languishing hours…
peeking into the lives of those who exist assaulted, a giant crashing through their being
day after day / mesmerised glimpses, backyards through warm glass…
BBQ’s ~ vegies ~ trash ~ chooks ~ pools ~ trucks ~ horses ~ alpacas ~ ducks…
invasive VOyeurs flashing by eager to see what we can see, destination reached
Warrnambool we have arrived

three close friends
excitement ~ talks ~ whales ~ walks
for six strangers
reunion hardship pleasure we can but guess
nine lives touched all but a spec in the cosmos


  1. You have created great imagery in this piece Max. I felt as if I was on the train to Warrnambool. Love the structure and capture of everyone around you on your journey – thank you 🙂 xxx

    • Too kind Mumsy and Thankyou. Amazing how strangers will tell all … interesting lives or not xx

      • People watching is a favourite past time of us all I feel. Especially as writers, what we don’t see we can imagine and you are most welcome 🙂 xx

  2. I love your crafted poem…beautifully well said. 🙂

  3. its pretty amazing what brings us all together…the small circumstances…and how many lives we pass on a daily basis and get a small peek in on what is going on…or make assumptions about…i love watching people….guessing at their stories…enjoyed this…

    • You are too kind Brian. Yes we all guess about others and often the facts are way more intetesting. The six hours of buseS and trainS we travelled in on the way back was epic too ! Apologies for my tardy reply. Max

  4. I can imagine the busy scene at the train ~ Specially like the sounds & flashes of life coming through ~

    Nice to meet you at D’verse ~

    • Hello to you Heaven, catching up on my thank you’s. The flashes of their lives were entertaining for sure. Cheers and I appreciate you dropping by. Max

  5. You have all the senses engaged here and a great story.

    • Hi Blaze, thank you. A great experience engaging with strangers insuch a close situation. Cheers Max

  6. I people watch in the airport – don’t have a chance to ride a train but would love to. This was a fun read

    • Hello George. People watching is very interesting anywhere. I always try and guess about other’s lives.. Appreciate you dropping by. Cheers Max

  7. Something familiar to all of us who have travelled by train… an instantly relate-able poem, yet seen with fresh eyes.

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