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Autumn Heat

October 8, 2013


April in my minds eye
20 years gone by
AUtumn HEat glowing orbs at sunset
leaves yellow rust
paths awash with filtered amber laden lush

Ivory and Ebony turning heads tall striking
sensual memorable
two strangers sigh easing into LUst unrushed
Long drives fast through cascading leaves
top down sleek rich roar

nights drowsy drowning mornings moaning delights
sumptuous enveloped lush linen
silken soft heavy cool
golden views through antique panes
Stretching smiling melting embrace

breakfast strawberries ruby sweet
food a feint excuse to ease
hours sliPPing window world abandoned
fine wines blushed cheeks

blazing colours falling rising bursting
My hands tremble head aches
body glowing eyes glazing
we matched TOO well

Fierce brave against all odds
Our union perceived, ill will drawn
AUtumn HEat did drift away winter seeping through
Seasons add their heavy stain upon my burdened body

leaving only pining for HIS EBony AUtumn HEat


  1. Max this is stunning, the images you have given. The heat and the romance between these two… whoever Ebony is… one lucky person. Very sizzling and well written. x

  2. oo la…there is a nice bit of heat in this one….smiles….and yes the seasons change and some go on…but def can make for some nice dreams eh? ha

    • Appreciate your help Brian.
      Yes indeed dreams are nice.. occasionally one is an epic stand out lasting season after season.. grins.
      Thankyou muchly Max

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