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Scattering of Love

June 9, 2014




Three generations 3 loving girls

Stifling day waiting ~ decision

choose a lovely urn beautiful lavender fields

Thanks given

Date set flights booked

short trip across the sea

exactly where She wants to be

Eerie thoughts from my window gazing

the deep below swirling , secrets sigh

clouds blurring reality, seeing reminders

She will love her last adventure

Balmy night quiet historic hamlet

us 4 alone

yes we are carrying you home

Stars moon glowing, grey the night

hugged in velvet darkness we see Him who will keep watch

magnificent epic tribute to his generation bemused perhaps

still standing there this memorial to the fallen

often admired from Her window seat

Calm warm surrounded by perfect pencil pines

silver mist drops of rain easing glistening

We gather who love her

Son daughters grand daughter

Taking turns we gently scatter trickle

ease Her amongst the emerald boughs

cool fitting ~ thick protected

Startling flashes capture our moments

visions for all from Her who follow

A whispering breeze softens the air catching us unaware

telling Her all is as should be

sending Her last vestige through us

drawn across to the home once lived

Her spirit is all around jubilant young again

We are done not sad but happy

We have done our best and more

Fulfilled finally us and You….

daughter   sister  cousin

wife   mother   aunt


great grandmother

great aunt

Kathleen ~

All different ways a friend

All different ways adored

Endlessly loved

Endlessly missed



  1. Oh Suz, this brought a tear. It is beautiful, you set the scenes perfectly, the images were real. The line that tugged at my heart the most…yes we are carrying you home R.I.P Kathleen. xxxx

  2. Txs lovey this is the last on this subject … for a while at least 🙂 . Moving on to other inspirations I hope xx

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