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Creator Saviour

June 15, 2014

Growing from a lovers tryst eventful lustful bliss
A tiny being caught buried deep in lush surrounds
Does this beautiful event surpass their wildest dreams
Can they truly know what has been created delicate and brave
Growing towards life’s light and warmth a soul is brought about
Forever free forever remembered in eventful lustful bliss

Lust the creator Love the Saviour


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  1. I don’t think I’ve read a more beautiful piece on procreation before. Lovely gorgeous lady xx

    • Well thank you dearest. I wrote this quite some time ago. You are always soo supportive and I love you for it xx

      • I enjoy what you write, it’s only natural to support you. Love you too xx

      • Which makes me say how dreadful it is that I have not seen any of your recent work. Thought you were having a hiatus /concentrating on other things as I have not been getting any notifications. Just read quite a few and will be commenting glowingly…. your inspirations are very personal in your recent pieces. I am just a slacker and will try harder my love xx

      • I didn’t write for a while sweety, it’s only the last 3 days I have written one a day. The other things are still be ing concentrated on, perhaps we should have coffee Wednesday? Do not apologise, I am glad that you read and comment when you can. xxx

  2. Wed is perfect x

  3. you have given the life that comes from such a tryst it’s own separate beauty. I like it!!!

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