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June 18, 2014

Grey hair
Grey body
Grey life !
No more, lost of looks
unwanted, unneeded not young
Invisible inside and out
tossed alone off the carousel
Belonging to no where, no one
spiralling down to normality
Now it is tomorrow


Golden hair
Golden body
Golden life ?
Nymph of rapturous beauty
so wanted so needed soo young
Alive in every way, exuberant
worrying not, aspiring never
Acquired with vim and vigour
belonging to the Uber class
Luxury ~ Adoration ~ Excess
with n’er a thought of tomorrow

  1. But does old age have to be so gray??? The moonlight is gentle on all those wrinkles

    • Hello, in this instance yes and not necessarily in old age. Just beauty taken advantage of and discarded. Liked the moonlight though. Thank you for your comments, I have been away for some time.

  2. Captured well, don’t we all feel like this at some point, if not regularly. I’m hugging you for this. I think the carousel is still calling. Hugs xxx

    • Jen txs sweetness. With the new title High Class , has the subject matter changed for you at all ? This was my original title for a subject that was implied more than explained and I thought it interesting comments were relating to just the inevitably of old age. XX

  3. Not really but with this title, I would say placing the last stanza first would read better, but that’s just me. Hugs xxx

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