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Fledgling Medium….

August 17, 2014


Sitting quietly meditating just for a short time, every day a few minutes keeping my Spirit Guides in touch
I should be I think to myself…..  Often
But always soo many others needs
Even though my will can be weak, Spirits come with evidence
If I want to succeed, as my mentor and teacher PLeads
Focus, find space a few minutes every day to keep my Spirit Guides strong, supportive, spectacular

It is time
The Fledgling Medium standing to receive Spirit
knowledge for someone who has come
to see
to believe
to be fulfilled
Looking out to many expectant faces who are
waiting for evidence
waiting for Spirit
waiting for messages
waiting for Me
Close my eyes for a moment
silently ask my guides to join me
gently walking to and fro
Spirit is with me ~

I feel an energy drawing close
A female on a mother, grandmother vibration…
Raising my gaze all eyes are glowing pleading
energy  growing ~
I would like to say I hear a letter ‘A’ for a name beginning
perhaps Amy or Allison in the Spirit world
Can anyone accept this ?….
Excited glances whispers and a hand waves ~
Yes my Mother’s name is Amy
Thankyou may I work with you? ….
nodding quickly ~
Yes !
Your Mother is telling me about milk
I feel hard work was common
I see green fields
Yes !  we had a dairy farm Mum milked everyday
Can you accept the name Deborah as this seems to be very important to your Mother….
Muted gasps tears are welling hands clasping ~
Yes! my daughter, her grand daughter, adored her
I feel a continual closeness with you She is asking about a bracelet
saying,  yesterday yesterday
Can you accept this ?….
I see delight in her face ~
Oh yes yes, my daughter and I shopped for a bracelet a few days ago
Fantastic thankyou this is evidence for you
your Mother from Spirit is around you and is aware
As her energy is drawing away your Mother is showing me her hand
to her ear and I can hear “call me”
Can you accept this ?….
still sobbing gently then laughter ~
Yes we spoke on the phone everyday
You can still speak to her everyday
your Mother will hear you. She is saying speak to her….
Bright and open face of this Daughter thanking me soo much
I sigh gather my awareness a huge smile comes over me ~
Thank you for working with me
May I leave the Love of Spirit with you ?
Yes you may.

  1. Reblogged this on Ramblings From A Mum and commented:
    Maximum is a close girlfriend of mine, that I have known for many years. She was the one who introduced me into the world of ‘life beyond’. I am sure you will find this a fascinating read.

  2. Excellent sweety, you did so well ~ hugs xx

    • Yes I am very proud of this reading down in Mornington some months ago. Very fulfilling indeed. I seem to work better there as it has great atmosphere. Still a long way to go in this work as sometimes Spirit does not co-operate at all. You have a gift for Spirit too remember and you must come and visit when you feel the time is right. You are missed indeed. xx Sus

      • I shall try, I miss everyone too, my head space cannot draw anything in right now though, but one day maybe again. I am glad chaty cat has followed you. Perhaps write a piece on what it feels like to you, when you first began or something? I am happy to reblog for you, hopefully then you may get people asking questions. ❤ xxoo

  3. Very cool!! I am a believer and loved the way she explained how spirit came to her! Am going to follow her now so thank you for introducing her to us!!!!
    Happy Sunday 😀

    Sending Hugs xo

  4. This was so cool, wonderful to pass messages which we all wish and hope to receive. The daily chats with mother would be so nice to know they will continue after she passes on. Thanks for this lovely poetic message.

    • Your thoughts are truly welcome. Continuing to learn work with Spirit is very satisfying indeed. Thankyou

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