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August 15, 2016

Always destined to shine

and shine she did

Perfect newborn, glorious toddler, awesome teenager, magnificent young woman

“Set for Life” as Clara’s peers and family so constantly extolled upon her

With an ever-growing fascination for seeking out the unknown

Clara loved and lived with a vengeance

Often overwhelmingly  so, for anyone caught in her ever brightening aura.

One flick of an eye changed everything……


Fast, very very fast

Hypnotic rush

Crisp white snow flying under her skis

green trees, black rocks, left behind with  no regard of beauty

red_berries_in_snow      Red in the snow !

Out of the corner of her eye, adrenaline wide

the illusive unknown growing with unapologetic fascination

Red in the snow ?

…. can not stop, too fast

Suddenly slow motion is watched from within

Cascading crunching ice,

sweeping blue sky tumbling, weighing down, belligerent

Life trying to claim hers for it’s own,

jealous of the zest, the carefree abandonment


Freezing !  Bewildering silence, blinking , very very bright

Finally thankful to hear the melody of words

“We have you, rest now Clara…

we need you Clara”

Soaring, sighing with warm enlightenment, calm knowing

always destined to shine

blood-on-snow_2700618     red in the snow …………








From → Death, Jealousy, Life, Spirit, Youth

  1. Felt the rush in this, powerful, the photographs match perfectly. The last one They have her now and she is calm as we know. Well done sweetheart, good to see you back. ❤️💋

    • Thankyou Jen. You inspired me after reading your last post. Only took me 3 hours to find the perfect pics 😄. Not magnificent by any means but feel I am being moved once again. 😍

  2. This was very moving and while I had anticipated a different ending. I was satisfied with your choice of the icy capture of Clara, though.
    Hope you have a happier experience this holiday season! 🙂

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