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New Day

Sitting behind vacant eyes moist and blue do memories and thoughts prevail
Can I break through
Movements by repetition as what was once fails yet again
Longing to help
Soo sweet soo calm waking to yet another day
helpless to contribute
Perhaps this time
Just a smile a flicker of who they are who they were
Hoping I will see
Memories of magic, love posessed denied, life given, a babies warmth a familiar touch or smell
Something anything
Make this the trigger awakening their light shouting kicking free
Hello new day is that you, yes and see this is me

  1. This was penned after just my second week working in my new career of aged care and seeing how devastating dementia can be day after day.

  2. smiles…i really like the close…the smell and touch of a baby, that is a strong tactile memory…i can easily picture the first days holding my boys…smiles.

    • You are soo right our babies do evoke strong physical recollections. Thank you Brian for your much appreciated comments. Cheers from Max

  3. Such a very very sweet close to this poem – left me with a smile. Thanks so much for joining in. k.

  4. nothing like the magic of holding a new born child… love how you greet the day and introducing yourself to it..nice

  5. Four months ago we placed my mom’s newborn twin great grandsons in her arms. Five seconds after leaving the hospital, she remembered nothing about the experience. Dementia sucks.

    • jlynn yes dementia does suck. But take solace that in the moment of holding her great grandsons your Mum would have felt great love and happiness no matter how fleeting. Hugs Max

  6. Well done. I appreciate and am thankful for your work with those struggling with dementia. It has struck our family and it is a nasty beast.

  7. ramblingsfromamum permalink

    This is simply gorgeous Max and I am sure you will be writing more as the days go by. So sad the evil disease that strikes, taking away our loved ones before our eyes. xxx

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