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Grey hair
Grey body
Grey life !
No more, lost of looks
unwanted, unneeded not young
Invisible inside and out
tossed alone off the carousel
Belonging to no where, no one
spiralling down to normality
Now it is tomorrow


Golden hair
Golden body
Golden life ?
Nymph of rapturous beauty
so wanted so needed soo young
Alive in every way, exuberant
worrying not, aspiring never
Acquired with vim and vigour
belonging to the Uber class
Luxury ~ Adoration ~ Excess
with n’er a thought of tomorrow


Creator Saviour

Growing from a lovers tryst eventful lustful bliss
A tiny being caught buried deep in lush surrounds
Does this beautiful event surpass their wildest dreams
Can they truly know what has been created delicate and brave
Growing towards life’s light and warmth a soul is brought about
Forever free forever remembered in eventful lustful bliss

Lust the creator Love the Saviour

Scattering of Love




Three generations 3 loving girls

Stifling day waiting ~ decision

choose a lovely urn beautiful lavender fields

Thanks given

Date set flights booked

short trip across the sea

exactly where She wants to be

Eerie thoughts from my window gazing

the deep below swirling , secrets sigh

clouds blurring reality, seeing reminders

She will love her last adventure

Balmy night quiet historic hamlet

us 4 alone

yes we are carrying you home

Stars moon glowing, grey the night

hugged in velvet darkness we see Him who will keep watch

magnificent epic tribute to his generation bemused perhaps

still standing there this memorial to the fallen

often admired from Her window seat

Calm warm surrounded by perfect pencil pines

silver mist drops of rain easing glistening

We gather who love her

Son daughters grand daughter

Taking turns we gently scatter trickle

ease Her amongst the emerald boughs

cool fitting ~ thick protected

Startling flashes capture our moments

visions for all from Her who follow

A whispering breeze softens the air catching us unaware

telling Her all is as should be

sending Her last vestige through us

drawn across to the home once lived

Her spirit is all around jubilant young again

We are done not sad but happy

We have done our best and more

Fulfilled finally us and You….

daughter   sister  cousin

wife   mother   aunt


great grandmother

great aunt

Kathleen ~

All different ways a friend

All different ways adored

Endlessly loved

Endlessly missed



Spirit Medium


Spirit is raw
Spirit is more
uplifting soaring
believing adoring

A Medium giving
A Spirit living
calming receiving
surprising admiring

Spirit will see
A Medium will be
often yearning
always learning


2013-07-12 19.25.09

Years are that which grade our best
Yours ~ mine ~ theirs ~ the rest
Perpetual priorities crammed to congest
Bursting wishes hopeful largesse

Etched within…
childhood naivety
adolescent belligerence
middle compliance
aged anxiety
twighlight clarity
Gliding sliding bragging dragging….
not always willing

Three score and one
three quarters gone
Middle years draining
adding to the fading
Aged reflecting in the near distance
Twilight horizons looming persistence

Yet optimism growing
Nuturing Spirit knowing
Higher plains await
.. see you at The Gate


Autumn Heat


April in my minds eye
20 years gone by
AUtumn HEat glowing orbs at sunset
leaves yellow rust
paths awash with filtered amber laden lush

Ivory and Ebony turning heads tall striking
sensual memorable
two strangers sigh easing into LUst unrushed
Long drives fast through cascading leaves
top down sleek rich roar

nights drowsy drowning mornings moaning delights
sumptuous enveloped lush linen
silken soft heavy cool
golden views through antique panes
Stretching smiling melting embrace

breakfast strawberries ruby sweet
food a feint excuse to ease
hours sliPPing window world abandoned
fine wines blushed cheeks

blazing colours falling rising bursting
My hands tremble head aches
body glowing eyes glazing
we matched TOO well

Fierce brave against all odds
Our union perceived, ill will drawn
AUtumn HEat did drift away winter seeping through
Seasons add their heavy stain upon my burdened body

leaving only pining for HIS EBony AUtumn HEat


Nine Lives


Excited as a giggly girl train ride to Warr/Nam~Bool
long ago sounds shunting rocking click ~ clack
steel monster lives through furnaced heat
Now charging forward sleek, shiny diesel surged
passengers face to face

STrangers ignoring ~ talking ~ staring
young one shutting out interaction
snoozes mobile music ~ sunglasses fixed

ELderly one musing stories
spectacles pearls hair just so ~
hmmm Coco Chanel comes to mind

FLame haired  wide-eyed /germ phobic one, professional carer
avid cat lover ~ single status excited to see her mother

calm intriguing one a Vintner, provider of care, well-travelled land owner
eating SUshi on her lap, remembering her beloved waiting

one is Mother to renowned sporting sons travelling
many hours, tired polite
changing seats for window leaning alone.. NOT for long

this one mature fills the seat and more MAssive,
down on his luck
dishevelled orating on life’s peculiarities and his MUms roast lamb
agreeing to a shout of cuppa and biscuits
many subjects ~ children ~ pets ~ livelyhoods ~ sports ~ Notebooks ~ iPhones ~ FB ~ gastronomic delights ~ volcanoes ~ farming ~ phone pics … endless interests

they six strangers of now
we three friends of eons
Nine lives interacting through fate for a few languishing hours…
peeking into the lives of those who exist assaulted, a giant crashing through their being
day after day / mesmerised glimpses, backyards through warm glass…
BBQ’s ~ vegies ~ trash ~ chooks ~ pools ~ trucks ~ horses ~ alpacas ~ ducks…
invasive VOyeurs flashing by eager to see what we can see, destination reached
Warrnambool we have arrived

three close friends
excitement ~ talks ~ whales ~ walks
for six strangers
reunion hardship pleasure we can but guess
nine lives touched all but a spec in the cosmos